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     FASADA VIDEO is an audio-video production and post-production studio, with its main involvement in production of publicity spots, commercials, televised shooting, video-clips, industrial and artistic documentaries, mixing, dubbing and subtitling; mainly activity-wise spread in the field of publicity, quite necessary to promote companies products and services.          

Within few months, by initiating the creation of this new studio, to further enhance our experience, we have been able to offer-create several commercials and tv spots with an artistic, professional and promoting integrity. To mention like the news spots of TV KOHA, TVA, TV KOHA FILM, graphic presentation of TV KLAN, etc..       faqevideo0021.gif (23087 bytes)

As an advantage to other studios and publicity agencies, the key success of STUDIO FASADA VIDEO relies on the artistic and professional uniqueness in creating and further.  Implementing a publicity campaign, starting with the idea creation, image finding, the saying, the modern and original image viewing, significant and elegenant perception, personified music, to conclude with the broadcasting in very prestigeous tv channels in Albania. These motives have incited well known companies like AMC (GSM), ADA AIR, IBS, DEKA, GLINA, PANASONIC, PHILIPS, ALBTELECOM (Albanian Telecom), ORIFLAME, MARIE STOPES CLINICS (Sigoral), Q.LL.S, TOP ALBANIA RADIO, ADANET and others, to collaborate in preparation of their publicity with our studio.

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Editing Broadcast
Movies, Documentaries
Audio - Video Mixing
Dubling and Subtitling
Shooting Betacam SP / Mini DV
Graphic Animation 2D / 3D